“3 Random Backpacking Gadgets that are Actually Really Useful”

So, you’re sitting at your desk at work. Bleh. Your eyes are blurry with looking at the computer screen, the list of “URGENT deadlines” from your boss grows ever longer and there are still those 300 emails to reply to… ARG!


But what’s that you see amongst all those work emails? Yes! An email from Rock The Route… You open it, and suddenly your heart skips a beat. An 8 Day Discovery Tour through the Garden Route in South Africa.



Nic (our most awesome guide on the far right) and some guests having a call on the 8 Day Discovery Tour!

What?! You mean it’s summer there? The next 30 minutes are spent dreaming about kayaking and craft beer, about long sandy beaches and road tripping with your favourite tracks playing in the background while you revel in next awesome experience and making new friends…


ARG! Back to work… But before you do, you send a quick email to info@rocktheroute.co.za … Let’s see what happens, right? 🙂 🙂 🙂 


Fast forward 2 months later and you’re packing your bags for your South African trip! YAY! We thought to help you along and recommend some nifty gadgets to bring along.


Here are our “3 random backpacking gadgets that are actually really useful”… (Pics at the end of blog). 


1. Scrubba Wash Bag – Portable Laundry System 

This is great for on-the-go clothes washing. It uses minimal water, is light-weight and pocket-sized and is perfect for those who want to travel light and take minimal clothing (which we totally recommend anyway!). Washing done in 3 minutes! Check it out on Amazon here


2. Flask Flashlight 

We’re all about multi-functionality. Looking for a flashlight, booze container, shot glasses, bottle opener, compass ALL IN ONE? Order it online here


3. EFX Sports eFx Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Battery Charger


Sounds complicated right? Well, it’s basically just a battery charger for those on the go travellers. There’s nothing worse than not being able to take that perfect photograph and sharing it on your Instagram profile… Now you don’t need to! Plus, we know you’ve always secretly aspired to be Iron Man! Ha ha ha. Get it here.


So off you go ladies and gents- head online and get the last of your packing ready for one EPIC journey on the beautiful Garden Route in South Africa.


Here’s our email again, drop us a line, say “hi” and ask your questions to get your answers – yeah, there really is a person answering individuals like you 🙂 … info@rocktheroute.co.za 


Rockin’ on. 


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