Rock the Route live in Transkei

The Transkei is one of the places that you visit, and no matter how hard you try, you can never forget…

Our blog this month is a little interview with Heinie as he scouts new routes to create incredible tours for the likes of the free-spirited and adventurers.

The defining characteristics of the Transkei are green rolling hills, covered in soft lush grass and high cliffs that plunge into the sea. Cattle graze freely at the top of the slopes and watch nonchalantly as hikers walk the various routes along the coast.

Along the water’s edge, the rough waves pelt endlessly on the rocky coastline, making for some incredible fishing experiences. You’d do well to catch a Stumpnose Grunter (which tastes delicious on a braai). The water, over time, has crafted some incredible formations- one of the most prominent being “The Hole in the Wall”. It’s an iconic formation, which people travel far and wide to see.

It’s a true paradise for anyone wanting to connect with a real and authentic South Africa, away from the busy city streets. It’s all about “soul-connection”, walking, biking, horse-riding and eating magnificent fresh fish. Not to mention the array of awesome backpackers dotted along the coast, which attract the most interesting of people 🙂 🙂

 We can’t wait to launch this amazing new experience for you as a fully fledged tour of its own! As a little taster, check out this video of our 21 Day Tour that stops for a FULL 6 DAYS in this part of the world!

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 See y’all soon!

 Love, The Team

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