Voluntourism Road Trip Launch


I’m sitting here 5 days after our Promo Trip and still in pure bliss! A simply unforgettable 10 days of #ChangeGrowPlay!

Our first and annual Promotional Trip started in #MosselBay on 21 October and took us through the whole #GardenRoute in 10 jam-packed adventure-filled days of fun, conservation, eco tours, permaculture, witnessing nature in respect, contributing to communities in need, learning new skills and more fun!

The motto or ethos for the #VoluntourismRoadTrip is Change, Grow, Play.

  • Change – making a true difference where it matters in communities that need it at the time. This may change from time to time and that’s why we keep our finger on the pulse of what is necessary in the Garden Route.
  • Grow – We learned new skills along the way. All of which can be seen as essential in every day life.
  • Play – Well, it’s the Garden of Eden after all, so we had to incorporate some playful silliness as well!

Here’s a few pics:  (or check out the full album here)

We made sure these 20 trees from Precious Tree Project will be #RockingtheRoute for years to come by serenading them with some Rock ‘n Roll!
@GrantFutureMan #RockingtheRoute with some karaoke on the bus!
We spent a day dressed like a character from Mary Poppins and… jumped off a bridge!
We cleaned an entire beach wearing speedos and tights! That’s how you #ChangeGrowPlay
We cut our alien vegetation to offset our fire making and ‘braaing’ throughout the trip
#ChangeGrowPlay #SharetheJoy
We learned how to cook a Rastafarian veggie meal, delicious to say the least!


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