“What I do on a rainy day in Knysna” (and it’s definitely not sitting around at home sulking)

I am a huge fan of Knysna! Come rain or shine there’s always some amazing activity to keep you active, inspired to explore… or just eat cake.

But like any place, Knysna can get rainy and cold too. So that counts out long lazy picnics on the beach on Brenton on Sea, mountain-biking in Harkerville or kayaking down Keurbooms River… BUT it most certainly does not count out cozy coffee shops with a blazing fire in the grate, a hot coffee… and cake!

Knysna is literally brimming with quaint little coffee shops, each with their own special take on traditional sweet treats. Many of the coffee shops source their coffee from organic/sustainable/ethical sources (which makes it taste so much better in my opinion).

So what are some of my favourite coffee shops to visit when it’s raining in Knysna? Check out (below) some of my favourite spots for rainy-day-cake-eating-caffeinated-home-brewing. (And no, they didn’t pay me for this!)


East Head Cafe

East Head Cafe is actually a great place to grab your sugar fix whether it’s a rainy or sunny day. When it’s sunny, you’ll definitely want to grab a spot outside on the terrace. It’s large Milkwood Trees provide excellent shade and the view of the Heads and Featherbed is literally unbeatable.

But even when it’s rainy and chilly, East Head Cafe is a great option. Try to get a seat on the ‘lower platform’ of the restaurant, there are big panes of glass that still allow you to enjoy the view.

My recommendation: A cappuccino and their baked Cheese Cake. Heavenly! * If you’re there for a brunch then I’d highly recommend their Eggs Hollandaise with smoked salmon


East head cafe. restaurant. food



Grain Mill Organic Bistro

If you’re staying in Knysna’s town and don’t have a hired car, then my pick would be to make a turn into the German-run “Grain Mill Organic Bistro”. They have (thank the heavens) made spelt flour breads and pastries an affordable and irresistible option to their customers. So if you’ve had your fill of wheat and need a more easily digestible option, this is your spot!

It’s seriously full of charm and character, and you have the choice to sit outside in a semi-covered veranda in front of a crackling fire. WIN!

Try the Apple Strudel and a  perfectly made Chai Tea- my absolute favourite at this spot!

  • There’s also a small farm stall here, so bring your own shopping bag and fill up on organic vegetables, eggs, ghee, spelt flour loaves and some killer goat’s cheese.




Ile de Pain

Okay- this place is a must-do whether it’s raining or not. It’s a gorgeous little spot on Thesen Isle. Beautifully decorated and super comfy.

But what really attracts its constant on-stream of customers are the decadent little pastries and artisan sourdough bread.  Basically, everything you have at this little gem of a place is going to be delicious!

It’s near impossible for me to get only one of those decadent little pastries. I think you may have the same problem! So go on, try at LEAST three 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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