What is Independent Travel

What is independent travel?
Is it traveling on your mind’s whim? Going where you want, when you want. Not having an exact plan of what to do because you don’t like doing the typical tourist stuff… Just you and some old, or new, friends in a car on a foreign mission of exploration in a country stranger than Narnia. With purple pygmies making mini snow angels in the desert.
Yes, foreign soil can be stranger than fiction. With different languages flying over various lips. But that, is what every traveler should go in search of. New experiences, exciting scenery, adventurous conversations or just the content feeling of sitting on a cliff, staring quietly out onto some strange country. Change is truly as good as a holiday.
Indie Travel, as I like to call it, is exactly that. Making your way through beautiful foreign territory with a simple plan, but still having those adventurous spur of the moment decisions. That is what makes any holiday, priceless!
Back in the day we use to call it hitch-hiking. Riding your thumb and paying with your friendliest foreign smile. When traveling from town to town was as simple as packing your backpack and heading for the highway. I myself pick up hitch hikers all the time. An interesting conversation or two later you part ways again. These days, unfortunately, we have some special scaly individuals with ulterior motives or wrongful intentions. Because of this we find ourselves cautious of strangers and stuck on well-traveled routes. How boring!
Spontaneous decisions should be the heart of any itinerary. To have a basic route is good and is necessary. Yet having the option of altering and spicing up your initial plan should be possible. Maybe you met Mr Ian, a long haired strange talking guy, smiling from ear to ear on a deserted beach in Wilderness and ended up having dinner at his fascinating house. Get out there. Do wilder things. Be smart about it and make sure you have the freedom to enjoy the most unique and special things a strange, strange country has to offer…
Now go get lost!
And support Indie Travel!

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