Why limit yourself with an itinerary?

#Independenttravel is all about making your own choices while traveling. Not having to stick to any specific plan or too much of a schedule. Forgetting the guidebook for a while and getting a little lost. That’s when you start to experience a country. When you can get past the fancy facade that tourists usually get locked into.

That’s why we believe in Spontaneous Itineraries.
This means, if we feel the need to stop anywhere, we do so. If there’s a nice viewpoint or spot you would like to see, we do that. If you want to stop so everyone on board can quickly jump in the sea and back on the bus, then we do that! Or if you feel like staying in Knysna longer for the beer special starting at 5pm, then we do that! It’s like an exclusive tour package without the exclusive price-tag.

Hey that looks cool!? Let’s pull off here!

Now the weather in the Garden Route can turn funky, fast. It can be sunny the one second and warm-stormy the next. So if you have an itinerary that you want to stick to, you will probably end up disappointed when you can’t do the whale watching anymore, because of stormy seas. So how about some #craftbeer tasting at The Heath instead? Or the indoor flea market in the old wood factory?

All towns in the Garden Route are situated a mere 20 or 40 min drive apart. So getting to the next best adventure or a LIVE music show is so close. And the weather usually changes from town to town anyway! There is also simply so much to do and see that you can not fit it into a schedule or itinerary.

That’s why we specialize in #RoadTrips. It’s not a tour because we can do what we want. Your driver knows the Road TrippinGarden Route and all its nooks and crannies that tourists never get to see, off by heart. He will make suggestions during the road trip for you to decide. Maintaining a general consensus on the bus is important and he will keep everyone in mind and will also make sure you experience everything you want to. But feel free to steer off the plan and #explore more… with Rock the Route!

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