5 Reasons Why You Should Book a Wine Tour with Rock the Route

In case you need some convincing (we know you really don’t) here’s five great reasons why you should book a wine tour with Rock the Route…


1. You don’t have to worry about getting a traffic fine, flat tyre or DUI. We do the driving!


2. You can wear your favourite shirt – the one that almost doesn’t fit anymore. Unlike beer, wine won’t leave you feeling bloated, so you’re free to dress in tight clothing and eat more food!


3. You can look sophisticated on Instagram. Take all the fun, crazy or classy wine-tasting pics you want – we’ll even hold the camera so it doesn’t count as selfies!


4. You have a valid excuse to leave the office early. Sign your colleagues up and call it team building!


5. You have an opportunity to silence the Stellenbosch snobs. You know, the ones that have to mention that they live on the exclusive wine route every time they see you. We’ll share a secret smile because we know we have the wine, the views and half the stress!


And now for the Bonus Point: You’ll get an opportunity to experience the Garden Route at its finest, without having to worry about a thing. Your handsome guide will arrange everything for you. Hop on the bus and enjoy the ride!


Are you keen? Book your spot! 061 107 7625 or email info@rocktheroute.co.za


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