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The 55 Million Year Old Lady – Namibia!

There’s a certain harsh, stunning and tough beauty in the desert.

Like the wrinkled face of an old wise woman. A woman that knows many tales and holds, in her heart, wisdom beyond our time. For she has seen 55 million years blow past like a sand dune in the storm of time.

The Largest sand dune in the world
The start of an epic climb to the largest dune in the world

Namibia is definitely a trip of a lifetime, simply because you will cherish the sweet and sandy memories for the rest of your life. Sitting around the campfire at Okonjima Private Reserve while listening to the leopard calls awakens an old primal feeling of how humans lived thousands of years ago. Walking among the marble stone formations of the famous Spitzkoppe, you can’t help feeling like a grain of sand in an ever-changing world.

Clearly, this barren landscape has crept into my heart and sent my soul flying out to the horizon. I can go on and on about the magic, but hey, seeing it for yourself is obviously better.

It was February 2019. Me and Chrissy, my wife, had 2 weeks to explore Namibia with a 4X4 “bakkie” (Afrikaans for a pick-up truck) I just acquired 2 months before.

It definitely helped that my better half is from Namibia, but our intention was to pack the car – tent, chairs, bedding, food and wine – and hit the endless open roads, that go on as far as the eye can see, with very little plans. And man oh man, as soon as we crossed the border from South Africa over the Orange River into Namibia… I felt like a kid that just teleported to Mars!

[Side Note – Seriously though, George Miller could not have chosen a better location to film Mad Max, Fury Road]

And so, after driving 6800kms and scouting for 2 weeks, talking to every local we could find, driving into every little gravel road we saw, slowly meandering through lost towns, stopping off at freaky yet enticing art galleries and weird wine farms and tasting the desert air and fresh Atlantic breeze through our nostrils… we sat down and devised this idea – What about a Rocking Route on a large section of the old Pangea Continent and formed a trail. A journey of the heart and mind and stars and sand.

A Route and Trail that encapsulates Namibia in 10 days – Now, this is by no means the whole country – it is huge!! But this tour is built in the style you have all come to love about Pangea Trails and Rock the Route. Quality experiences and valuable moments, built into a delicious mix for all the senses and done so responsibly.

Namibia will be in my heart forever and I can not WAIT to return to that wrinkled lady, as old as the ages.

It’s fresh, it’s mind-bending and it’s not on our website yet. 😉

So please email or WhatsApp us for the details. [info(at)rocktheroute.co.za]

But the first trip is departing on 15 March.

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