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Hello friends, family and guests from around the globe!

Heinie and Alex here.

Over the last 8 years, we have had the fortune of working with some of the best people in travel to facilitate and offer epic road trips, great holidays and super initiatives around Southern Africa – and we could not have done this, and grown into something beautiful, without these simply epic humans – our guides and hosts.

They are the ones we have to thank for unrivalled safety, humble hosting, delicious meals, superb service and taking you, our guests and friends and “Familia” out on the open roads.

In the last few months, tourism and travel around the world have stopped abruptly to try and curb this awful pandemic and crazy media storm. Thus their income has stopped indefinitely as we are not sure when travel will start up again.

We employ these beautiful faces on a “freelance” basis. This means they have the opportunity to follow other ventures and start their own businesses on the side. This also means that they are outside of funding schemes and initiatives from our government – they can not claim from any “Unemployment Fund”.

This is why our hearts have gone out to them in these turbulent times and we have been fighting with government in their respective bodies to try and get some fees and support for them, with no luck. So we have set up some plans for us all to support them together. Rock the Route CC is in full “hibernation mode” and seeing that we paid them all per tour and that our tours have stopped completely, we have these sweet humans without assistance.

I would like to urge you to consider a donation of any form or size into their own PayPal accounts listed below. This will enable them to survive the months ahead until we can take our guests out on the roads again.

If you do not have a PayPal account, please see the Back-a-Buddy fund we set up HERE and please use their name as a reference or add a little message. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will split the funds in the account evenly among them. Obviously, Rock the Route and Pangea Trails will make nothing from this fund, it will be solely for them, our heroes of the road!

Ypie –

Nick –

Khotso –

Machiel –

Rennie –

[For PayPal, please make sure you choose the “personal payment” option]

Back-a-Buddy account for Rock the Route and Pangea Trails guides:

OR use our Rock the Route & Pangea Trails PayPal account HERE:

Soon we hope to be out on the roads again showing guests and our friends our stunning country and it’s people! With Passion and Purpose!

Cheers for now.

Heinie and Alex

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