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Knynsa’s Creative Hotspot Favourite

Iphupho means dream or vision in Xhosa. Babes and Zita, founders and co-owners, finally make their dream come true and opened the beautiful and inspirational gift shop in the centre of Knysna.  The aim of the shop is to stimulate creativity in producing handmade products and designs and with this, create jobs to members of our community and surrounds. But… Read more →

Coffee Shack Hostel & Carbon Offsetting

Coffee Shack Hostel Coffee Shack Hostel is definitely one of our favourite hostels in Southern Africa! If we could have teleportation device today I would go there every weekend for surfing, beach time, epic hiking and some of the friendliest people around. Situated in the very rural area called the Wild Coast, this is the type of hostel from a… Read more →

How BIG is South Africa?

  Say what?! Yes, indeed… South Africa is BIG! With almost 58 million people and – coincidentally – 58 indigenous languages of which there are 11 official languages, more beautifully mixed ethnical groups than our surveys can keep up with, more wildlife species than leaves on an acacia tree and a proclaimed 535 000 kilometres of roads to drive… It’s… Read more →

Winter Sports in SA: SURFING RSA!

Thinking about a holiday? South Africa is just one of those places that offer divine beauty and awesome experiences no matter the weather. In fact, winter in South Africa can be diverse. Hot days, chilly days, real wintery day and days that were made for the beach… This month, we are looking at Winter Sports in South Africa… and focusing… Read more →

Locals lovin’ South Africa! (Here’s why…)

We love locals! And in the spirit of connecting you all with the people down in South Africa, we are compiling occasional video interviews about WHY people love it so much here… Hey, maybe you’ll end up loving South Africa too! First up is Simon. He made his first trip to South Africa 20 years ago and loved the lifestyle Knysna… Read more →

Rock the Route live in Transkei

The Transkei is one of the places that you visit, and no matter how hard you try, you can never forget… Our blog this month is a little interview with Heinie as he scouts new routes to create incredible tours for the likes of the free-spirited and adventurers. The defining characteristics of the Transkei are green rolling hills, covered in… Read more →

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A Day (or two) in the Life of a Tour Guide

Open plains and dense forest! Shooting stars! Long and winding paths, deep ravines, ocean horizons that seem to go on forever… culture, music, dancing, and sunsets you’ll never forget. Oh, Africa, you beaut! And our lucky guides can’t wait to get you rock ’n rollin in our van across the vast and beautiful country. Today we wanted to share a… Read more →

5 Reasons to Spend an Extra Night (or 3) in Mossel Bay

The Garden Route is dotted with divine locations which offer a whole assortment of fun activities; adventure junky? Wine connoisseur? Heritage hunter? You’re sorted on this piece of heaven on earth. The best part is that we were born and bred here, live here, love it and are on the lookout for amazing spots to have one-of-a-kind experiences. This month… Read more →

Leave Your Phone At Home (4 reasons to do just that)

Leave your Smartphone at home… Say what? Impossible you might think… we’re living in an era where a phone isn’t just a phone. It’s a GPS, a camera, it holds passwords, has a boarding pass, an alarm clock… it EVEN allows us to send drunk texts to people we’re probably never going to see again (awkward apology to follow the… Read more →

Big 5! Small 5! Ugly 5! High 5!

“All creatures big and bold, all creatures timid and old”; South Africa has some of the most diverse creatures on planet Earth.  There’s something alluring (you have to admit) about day-dreaming about all the lekker (slang for “awesome” in Afrikaans) adventures you are going to have in 2019.  Come on, let us tempt you… Think open grassy plains with lions prowling after… Read more →