Locals lovin’ South Africa! (Here’s why…)

We love locals! And in the spirit of connecting you all with the people down in South Africa, we are compiling occasional video interviews about WHY people love it so much here… Hey, maybe you’ll end up loving South Africa too!

First up is Simon. He made his first trip to South Africa 20 years ago and loved the lifestyle Knysna offered. He bought a holiday home 5 years later and the visits become more regular.

When he retired from a commodities trading career in London, he became a “swallow”, the name given to those who head south to escape the northern hemisphere winter.

He set up a golf coaching business in the Western Cape in 2010. He lives with his wife Sandy and their son Rafferty on the Pezula Private Estate.

Check out the video below! (Hey, while you’re here why not check out our other YouTuvbe vids?)

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