Winter Sports in SA: SURFING RSA!

Thinking about a holiday?

South Africa is just one of those places that offer divine beauty and awesome experiences no matter the weather. In fact, winter in South Africa can be diverse. Hot days, chilly days, real wintery day and days that were made for the beach…

This month, we are looking at Winter Sports in South Africa… and focusing on surfing! We know you guys want adventure and once-in-a-lifetime activities! (Got a Go-Pro? Bring it on your trip, you will definitely be needing it!).

South Africa has long been a hot-spot for pro- surfers. The coastline offers countless bays and points. Surfers have been drawn to this wild paradise for years. There are spots for every level of surfer and both national and international surfing competitions and festivals are being run each year.

The most popular time to come to surf in South Africa is in the winter! Yes, now don’t shudder okay? You’ll get a thick wetsuit and the promise of a shot of whiskey when you get back to your backpackers!

So… what’s really happening?

Huge waves!

Jefferys Bay is definitely one of the top places to hit the surf in the winter. So let’s check out some of the awesome stuff you can do around there…

JBAY (as its affectionally known) is Ranked by South African Tourism as South Africa’s premier surf spot. The Sunshine Coast of the Eastern Cape (where JBAY is situated) is a hub of winter activity during the winter as the awesome Jefferys Bay Winter Fest happens every year! 

Now don’t be intimidated- if you’re simply looking to get a “feel” for the waves, join in with one of the Wavescape Swell Courses. They will teach you the basics and you’ll even get a bit of theory thrown in. Check them out here. 

What can you do if you’re not mad about surfing, but you’re traveling with friends who are? Fear not! The Jeffreys Bay WinterFest is set to include a mountain biking race, a skating event, an open water swim challenge, a running event and music, and promises to be an exciting week for the town of Jeffreys Bay.

Check out this video to get a feel for JBAY…

Other Surf Spots in South Africa: 

The country’s surf ranges from safe swells that are good for beginners to epic breaks for only the toughest. 

Buffels Bay is a popular surf spot on the Garden Route. There’s a great laidback attitude here and a great beach culture. Well worth a visit on your 8 Day Discovery Tour.

Dungeons in Hout Bay in the Western Cape – one of the worlds’ big wave venues. When conditions are right, Dungeons produces the biggest rideable waves on the coast of Africa.

Muizenberg on the Indian Ocean side of the peninsula in Cape Town. Here the water is warmer and Surfer’s Corner buzzes. 

The Kom in Kommetjie  – a big wave spot that delivers Hawaiian style massive curlers on a big westerly swell. Pro surfers welcome 🙂

Winter sports in South Africa are positively amazing! Chat to us about customizing a tour for you and your group of friends, or request a “surfing detour” on our 8 Day Discovery Tour! 🙂 🙂

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