Big 5! Small 5! Ugly 5! High 5!

“All creatures big and bold, all creatures timid and old”; South Africa has some of the most diverse creatures on planet Earth. 

There’s something alluring (you have to admit) about day-dreaming about all the lekker (slang for “awesome” in Afrikaans) adventures you are going to have in 2019. 

Come on, let us tempt you…

Think open grassy plains with lions prowling after their lunch, seeing the heavy print of the rhino who walked by just minutes before your Land Cruiser drove past, spotting a leopard drowsily lying on the highest branches of a tree, and getting lost in the cloud of dust left behind by a herd of buffalo (achoo!). 

And that’s just the Big 5. 

Then there’s the Small 5, the Ugly 5, the Super 7 and the Magnificent 12 (just joking about the last one). 

One of the most famous spots to view the Big (and Small) 5 is definitely the Kruger National Park which is situated in the north-east part of South Africa. We adore (<3) Thornhill Safari Lodge and the Guernsey Private Nature Reserve which are both included in our 21 Day Explorer Tour. Do yourself a favour and check out the itinerary here. 

The Kruger National Park is so diverse. The open grassy plains in the north are great for seeing Lion and Springbok while the stoney Thorn tree areas in the south are great for seeing buffalo, rhino, elephant, and leopard. 

Head further south (towards the Garden Route) and you’ll see the landscape change completely. There, the predominant vegetation is Fynbos and as it’s a coastal area the “feel” is so different from the Kruger. 

If you’d like to get up close and personal, chat to Umkhondo Big 5 Volunteering where you will have the chance to view (and experience) the Big and Small 5 and get up close and personal to these animals. 

Are you a budding veterinarians by any chance? Check out their awesome Veterinarian Work Experience facilitated by pros at the park. 

Heading further up the east coast of South Africa from the Garden Route you’ll find another Big/Small/Ugly 5 hotspot; Buccaneers Backpackers in Cintsa gets our vote and is an included stop on our 21 Day Explorer Tour.

Right next door to Buccaneers is Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve and is a super option for Game Drives in the area. Check out Volunteer Africa 32 degrees South! This awesome establishment is based close to the beach town of Cintsa in the Eastern Cape (you’ll be able to prove your surfing skills here too!) where you’ll get a unique Wildlife experience which is sure to… – wait, just send us an email to find out more. 

No, seriously, send us an email. 🙂

What we love most about South Africa’s creatures (yeah, the big, beautiful, ugly, wild and totally strange) is that we get to share it with you. We get to take you on a journey to discover South Africa in an authentic way- and on route make life-long friends and have once-in-a-lifetime adventures while in a safe (and caring <3) environment. 

Yoh! Sounds ama-zing hey? “Yes, yes it does Sarge”. 

See y’all on the South Side Soon! 

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