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A Day (or two) in the Life of a Tour Guide

Open plains and dense forest! Shooting stars! Long and winding paths, deep ravines, ocean horizons that seem to go on forever… culture, music, dancing, and sunsets you’ll never forget. Oh, Africa, you beaut! And our lucky guides can’t wait to get you rock ’n rollin in our van across the vast and beautiful country. Today we wanted to share a… Read more →

Leave Your Phone At Home (4 reasons to do just that)

Leave your Smartphone at home… Say what? Impossible you might think… we’re living in an era where a phone isn’t just a phone. It’s a GPS, a camera, it holds passwords, has a boarding pass, an alarm clock… it EVEN allows us to send drunk texts to people we’re probably never going to see again (awkward apology to follow the… Read more →

The 4 best beaches along the Garden Route

The 4 best beaches along the Garden Route during the busy peak season  How to avoid the seasonal crowds and still have a great beach day   If you’ve ever visited the Garden Route during the peak summer season (November-March), you’ll know that things can get a bit congested… It’s easy to understand why. Not to brag or anything, but… Read more →