Robberg Sunset

13 Authentic Things to do around Plett

Here are our 13 authentic things to do in and around Plett… and these are sure to give anyone the Plett Feeling!

The name “Formosa Bay” says it all!


Now I can’t speak much Portuguese, but I do know that formosa means beautiful, the name Portuguese sailors gave to Plettenberg Bay a time long ago. However, beautiful Plett hasn’t lost ANY of it’s charm… of that I’m sure!

Here are our 13 authentic things to do in and around Plett and these are sure to give anyone the Plett Feeling!


  1. Jump off a Bridge!! – Now there’s lots of bridges in the Garden Route and they all have something special to them. But one specific bridge, 20 mins East from Plett, comes to mind when you read that phrase… Bloukrans Bridge. At 216m it’s the worlds highest commercial bungee (anyone can do it). And with a 7-9 second free fall you’re bound to get your thrills. I also think the Cool Cats running the show and tying the knots go by the perfect name that sums up the experience just right – Face Adrenalin
    Can you Face Adrenalin?


  2. Sip on bubbly till your toes go tingly – With more than 15 wine farms and estates around Plett and the Crags, this area has become known as “The Bubbly Route”… a fantastic claim if you love your sparkling wine. And if you want to maximize your bubbling intake, book your holiday around October during the Plett Wine and Bubbly Festival (video) Can I hear a Yes Please!! more info HERE.


  3. Be a Tipsy Cowboy and Wine Tour on horseback – Most of these farms have a very personal feel to them and are run by the wine makers themselves. A personal tasting, incredible finger foods, breads and spreads and unbelievable locations! Then add the spur to the day and do it all while on horseback with Hog Hollow Trails
    Wine Tasting on Horseback


  4. Kayak up the Keurbooms – 10 mins East of Plett you’ll find yourself enticed by the beauty of the Keurbooms River (among lots of other things!). Grab a kayak and head up the river for stunning sites and sounds of this little valley… and do take the time to just be quiet and float along. 

    The serene beauty that is the Keurbooms River


  5. Bask in the sunset at Robberg Nature Reserve – I highly recommend taking a whole day to spend at Robberg Reserve! The natural scenery here has kept me and fellow travellers in awe for hours at a time. Pack some drinks or bubbly and stick around to have your perfect sunset… and to all you romantics out there… this is the one for you! 

    Robberg Sunset


  6. Jump off a Waterfall while ‘Kloofing’ – Rated as one of the top 10 activities to do in (or around) Cape Town, Africanyon is a must for anyone! Embrace your adventurous inner explorer and zip-line, abseil, jump and slide your way over rocks and down this picturesque canyon in the Crags, 20 mins East of Plett on the N2. I’ve done a lot of activities in my life and these guides are simply the best around, singing and dancing and building “gees” down the gorge! [Gees (adj.) – Spirit or vibe, usually used to describe an exciting atmosphere] 

    “Kloofing” or Canyoning in ANY weather is great!


  7. Hike to the Secret Beach in Natures Valley – I guess the days of ‘secret beaches’ are long gone, but this beach at the mouth of the Salt River in Natures Valley is still way off the map. Only accessible by a 20/30 min hike, this is one for the coffee table photo album at home! Take water and definitely remember some swimming clothes.. if you want… 😉 
    I can spend a week here… clothes are optional!


  8. Enjoy LIVE local music during dinner – You don’t have to be a surfer to hang out at Surf Cafe in Plett. And you don’t have to be a culinary expert to know their food is simple yet delicious. Invite some friends or make new friends when you’re there… this is the spot to get a local vibe! 
    Music during a meal!


  9. Have one too many cocktails at Mobys – Rainy Day… no problem! Head down to Plett Main Beach and over to Mobys. With a cocktail menu designed for thirsty whales and a very sophisticated feel, it’s the place you would want to hang out ALL day and watch the waves wash out on the beach – lekker seafood and a great option after our # 13 as well!
  10. Devour a healthy breakfast at the Harkerville Market – After all this excitement, intoxication and adventure one needs some healthy food. And what better way to balance it out than at the Harkerville Saturday Market. Organic breakfast, arts and crafts… this is a must-do on any Saturday!
  11. Cruise the Crags! – Now I’ve mentioned some cool things to do around this area, but we have yet but scratched the surface of what the Crags has to offer. Shake hands with some manic monkeys, have a chat with the buzzing birds of Eden, dance on the table at the Barnyard, whistle through a whopping amount of wine farms and eat pizza on the beach at Enrico’s… Oh and extend your stay by 2 more weeks! 
  12. Swim with Seals – Our furry friends off the Robberg Peninsula (see #5) are waiting for you! Very interactive, very friendly and super playful, these seals can show anyone how to have fun in the Indian Ocean. Get in touch with Offshore Adventures and head out to see for yourself! 
    Friendly faces all the time!


  13. Follow the journey of wine – From grape to bottle, from vineyard to cellar, a full day experiencing the wonderful wine industry that is bustling in and around Plett. Totally home made and organic Cheese platters do die for, prize winning wines, breath-taking views and LIVE music… who would say no to that? Oh and of course there’s the tasting as well… all 15 of them! Get in touch here: +27 61 107 7625
    Wine Makers Experience


Now there is plenty more to do around our breath taking region, but you will definitely need more than a week to REALLY see how us locals live here, and why we never leave… haha.


We also have a great suggestion for accommodation when you do head to Eden – Accommodation Direct has some awesome off the beaten track options and they are your link to the perfect stay in Plettenberg Bay and the surrounds.

From luxury lays to farm stays… Check them out, they have something for everyone!


And if any of this is too mild OR too wild for you, give us a call to tailor make you a perfect day in the Garden Route! +27 61 107 7625



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