Winter Days and the ‘Outeniqua Rust’

Winter in the Garden Route can be tough. Not because it get’s cold, but because of the delicious balmy winter sun…

I would like to paint you a picture. A scene fresh out of the Garden Route winter;

Here I am sitting at the ever wonderful Cocomo Restaurant and on my to do list is 2 blog posts. Only two. The friendly staff quickly remembers my favourite drink and like a sucker for summer, I sit in the sun. Now ladies and gents, the winter sun in this here Eden district is dangerous. Not because it can burn you in seconds, rather the opposite. It bakes you. It bakes you into the laziest of moods… nice. If only it weren’t for the work that needs to get done.

See in the Garden Route we have something called the “Outeniqua Rust” (Outeniqua is the name of our local mountain range) Spend 2 weeks here and the “rust” corrodes your mind into a splendid stupor. Spend a few years here and the best intentions quickly turn into slow movements with laziness lurking over you any time after lunch…

For travelers, this means heavenly relaxation. Don’t even try to plan 15 things into your day. Rather just sit back and enjoy the ‘lekker’ local laid-back lifestyle.

But for us folks living here, to keep a business running through winter, we’ll gladly opt for a locally slow roasted coffee and spur-kick this lazy horse into action.


Now let me entice you with another idea; How we as Rock the Route use the winter sun to put that extra cool spin on any of our DAY TRIPS… Especially our full day wine and beer tours.

The plan for the day: visit 3 wine farms or breweries tasting your way through some of the best beverages around while enjoying stories from the local brewers themselves. Insider staff tip; don’t rush any stop-off, the day belongs to the guests.

The goal: For all guests to forget about the ‘real world’ when they’re sipping their bubbly beverages and basking in the sun while contently staring at the fantastic views over the country side.


Now tell me that’s not a great compromise between the two!

Sunny Regards from Wilderness. Time for a coffee!!

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