Focus on Sedgefield (and for good reason!)

Hey Garden Routers (and beyond!). We love a bit of positive info and this week we want to draw your attention to Sedgefield. Sedgefield may not automatically inspire an immediate road trip there, but we are here to tell you that IT SHOULD! 

Sedgefield is definitely making a rise in popularity amongst people visiting the Garden Route, and that’s simply because people are coming out of their “slow-town” shells and stepping up to the plate. From SUPing & lazy Sunday lunches to cocktails on the beachfront, we really would love to entice you to visit this adorable little town. 


Sedgefield Tourism Arts and Crafts

A couple of days ago I went to the brand spanking new Sedgefield Tourism Art and Crafts Centre. Yeehaa! Things are looking really good there…



Jurgens van der Walt (the new owner) saw a great opportunity to give the Sedgefield Local Info building a facelift and a new identity. He wants to keep Sedgefield “alive” by putting the focus on the various activities and the incredible accommodation options on offer in the area.


Sedgefield has often been viewed as a “quick stop over”, somewhere to fill your petrol tank to or from Cape Town, and that is seriously about to change! Thank goodness this initiative has been created- we are so keen to be a part of this process of exposing the awesomeness of this town.

Jurgens van Der Walt (junior) is also a talented artist and hopes to unite other great artists in the area. Collaboration is key, and the Sedgefield Tourism Arts and Crafts Centre is the ideal platform for this.


Rock the Route


We get up to some interesting things on our 8 Day Discovery tour – guys, go and check it out here – if you have even a vague sense of fun and adventure, you will love this! 🙂 🙂


One of our favourite spots to hit is the Sedgefield Lagoon or river mouth for an awesome session of SUPing.  It’s always a winner with our guests, whether or not they’ve tried it before. Basically, the aim of the game is not to fall into the water… This is easier said than done because the surroundings are so gorgeous that it’s easy to get distracted!

Take a look at a couple of the photos below to get totally inspired and send us an email at info@rocktheroute if you want to book a trip for you or your guests! 


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