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Rock the Route live in Transkei

The Transkei is one of the places that you visit, and no matter how hard you try, you can never forget… Our blog this month is a little interview with Heinie as he scouts new routes to create incredible tours for the likes of the free-spirited and adventurers. The defining characteristics of the Transkei are green rolling hills, covered in… Read more →

Focus on Sedgefield (and for good reason!)

Hey Garden Routers (and beyond!). We love a bit of positive info and this week we want to draw your attention to Sedgefield. Sedgefield may not automatically inspire an immediate road trip there, but we are here to tell you that IT SHOULD!  Sedgefield is definitely making a rise in popularity amongst people visiting the Garden Route, and that’s simply… Read more →

The Weekend is Yours in the Garden Route!

Our beautiful South Africa definitely has her ups and downs, but one thing we have plenty of, is long weekends! And don’t we all just love having that extra day to play with; jam pack it full of action OR use it to simply prolong the relaxing…. Read more →