Author: Lorenza Allan

Big 5! Small 5! Ugly 5! High 5!

“All creatures big and bold, all creatures timid and old”; South Africa has some of the most diverse creatures on planet Earth.  There’s something alluring (you have to admit) about day-dreaming about all the lekker (slang for “awesome” in Afrikaans) adventures you are going to have in 2019.  Come on, let us tempt you… Think open grassy plains with lions prowling after… Read more →

The 4 best beaches along the Garden Route

The 4 best beaches along the Garden Route during the busy peak season  How to avoid the seasonal crowds and still have a great beach day   If you’ve ever visited the Garden Route during the peak summer season (November-March), you’ll know that things can get a bit congested… It’s easy to understand why. Not to brag or anything, but… Read more →

Focus on Sedgefield (and for good reason!)

Hey Garden Routers (and beyond!). We love a bit of positive info and this week we want to draw your attention to Sedgefield. Sedgefield may not automatically inspire an immediate road trip there, but we are here to tell you that IT SHOULD!  Sedgefield is definitely making a rise in popularity amongst people visiting the Garden Route, and that’s simply… Read more →